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Irradiant 1200 watt Fog Machine, VARIFOG-12 / VPF-1200

Manufacturer: Irradiant
Model Number: VPF-1200
Price: $270.00

The Irradiant VARIFOG-12 fogger with the new variable position head can blast fog in different angle as needed. Five selectable positions to choose from which enables the Vari-fog system to be used as a standard fog machine or vertical fog machine as the situation or application requires. Vari-Fog uses only quality components to provide reliable fog, blast after blast. ZC- 6 Timer, manual or continuous output 10m cable ZC- 3 Wireless two-band receiver and transmitter 30 range

Heater: 1200W Warm-up time: 6~7mins Volume: 8000 Cuft/min Duration: 20” Tank: 6.4 L Fuse: 125V/5A; 250V/3A DMX channels: 1 Voltage: AC 120/240V 50/60Hz Dimensions: L531 x W215 x H239mm Weight: 10.5 kg

Shipping Cost: $0.00



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