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Irradiant SOLAR RAY AW / SRL-6053 Linear Wash Light

Manufacturer: Irradiant
Model Number: Solar Ray AW
Price: $1,760.00

DMX, Auto, Sound Active, Linking 90 3-watt LEDs - White: 72, Amber: 18 LED Linear Pro Wash AW offers all the features and functions of the RGB version except with respect to color control. The LED Linear Pro Wash AW contains Amber and (WLED) White “not RGB” Power LEDs for Color Correlated Temperature control (CCT). The LED Linear Pro Wash offers a full range of White Color temperatures rated in Kelvin from 3000 to 9000K. The LED Linear Pro Wash is ideal for Commercial Architectural Illumination, TV Studio Set Contrasting and other applications where White Light CCT control is desired. The LED Linear Pro Wash is also available with NEW (WLED) Warm and Ultra Warm White LEDs which can lower the CCT range down to 2000K. Color Correlated Temperature (CCT): This measure of how “warm” or “cool” a light seems. A low CCT--below 3100 K--is a warm white light and below 3000K is considered ultra-warm white. The measurement of CCT is expressed in Kelvin (K). The reason this measurement is called a “temperature” is because it was derived from a theoretical object called a “black body radiator.” When the radiator is heated, it changes from black to red to yellow to white to blue. The lower the Kelvin rating, the “warmer” or more yellow the light. The higher the rating, the “cooler” or more blue the light. Most lighting Kelvin temperature ranges from 2000k to 6400k. Warm White and Ultra Warm White light is traditionally produced by incandescent and halogen based products. Now these color temperatures have been achieve by Neo-Neon with WLED Technology. Whether you desire products with a cool pure white look, or the more traditional warm and ultra warm white “incandescent look” LEDs the LED Linear Pro Wash can accommodate your needs.

Lighting Source: 3W power LED LED Qty: 42 White, 30White, 18 Amber Total Output Power: 186W Beam Angle: 25° & 10° available Control Modes: DMX, Auto, Sound, M/S (Linking) DMX Channels: 8 Pan: -15°---75° Tilt: -50°---50° Voltage: AC 100-240V 50-60Hz Dimensions: L984 x W232 x H337mm Weight: 17.8 kg Shipping Not Included!

Shipping Cost: $0.00



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