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On-Stage Stands LS9790 Lighting Stand with 10-Foot Truss

Manufacturer: On Stage
Model Number: LS9790
Price: $245.00

On-Stage Stands LS9790 Details Our top-of-the-line pro-quality lighting stand includes 2 tripod base lighting stands with triple telescoping shafts and T-bars. T-bar assemblies are 48” and will hold 4 par cans each. Includes 14 sets of mounting hardware with room for 10 more. Heavy-duty metal clamps and all-steel construction make this stand a perfect choice for high-end use!

48” Top T-bars hold 4 pars each. Two 5-Foot Truss sections with included mounting hardware. Two tripod base lighting stands w/ 3-section vertical shafts. Weight Capacity: 400 lbs Max Height: 11.5’ Base Spread: 40” Construction: All-Steel Color: Black Powder Coat Finish

Shipping Cost: $0.00


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