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Dunlop Robert Trujillo Icon Series Bass - 4 String

Manufacturer: Dunlop
Model Number: RTT2004
Price: $40.00

Robert Trujillo’s powerful attack, deep grooves, and monstrous tone have earned him the most coveted bass chairs in rock. From his early days in Suicidal Tendencies, to his long ride with Ozzy Osbourne, and now the biggest band in metal—Metallica—Robert has claimed his rightful place among the legends of metal. The Robert Trujillo Icon Series Bass Strings were developed with Robert to give him the power and tonal flexibility to hold up under the demands of his rigorous touring and recording schedule.

These strings offer a clear articulate top end, solid mid range punch to cut through a wall of guitars, and more than enough focused bottom to knock you on your ass! Available in 4-string and the 5-string Uno Mas set. RTT2004 Trujillo's Stainless Steel taper core Bass String Set includes 45-63-80-102

Shipping Cost: $0.00


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