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Hohner Steven Tyler Artist Series Harmonica Key of A

Manufacturer: Hohner
Model Number: ST2BL
Price: $30.00

The Aerosmith frontman now has his own Hohner harmonica. Designed by Steven Tyler of Aerosmith fame, and built by Hohner's Master craftsmen, this Artist Series harmonica is a thing of beauty both in sight and sound. Featuring the same wood comb as the Hohner Blues Harp which Tyler normally plays, it has chrome plates and black covers (as he requested) that are laser engraved with his signature, and upgraded reed plates to the level of the Hohner Meisterklasse harmonica which are chrome-plated. This special harp is packaged in a nice presentation box with a photograph of the artist in the cover of the box. The harmonica comes in the key of "A" and also has a black molded carrying case.

Meisterklasse-level Reed plates: Brass; 1.05 mm; chrome-plated Key of "A" Black covers engraved with Steven Tyler autograph Wood comb Chrome plates 20 reeds Presentation box has picture of artist inside box Plush leopard molded bottom for holding harp and black molded carrying case Artistic ST design on both box top and carrying case top Length: 10 cm

Shipping Cost: $0.00



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