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Audio-Technica ATW-T251 200 Series FreeWay Wireless Headset Microphone System (Black)

Manufacturer: Audio-technica
Model Number: ATW251H92T2
Price: $200.00

The Audio-Technica 200 Series FreeWay Wireless Microphone System offers a reliable, cost-effective alternative to hardwired microphones. This system includes the 92CW single-ear headworn microphone for completely hands-free operation. The system is available in a variety of configurations and this system includes an ATW-R250 VHF receiver and ATW-T201 bodypack transmitter. The ATW-R250 VHF receiver is a single channel VHF receiver with dual dipole antennas for greater range and minimal RF noise. The receiver also features Power, AF and RF LED indicators on the front panel. The rear panel features a 1/4" phone output jack. The ATW-T201 bodypack transmitter is a rugged miniature unit. The ATW-201 operates on a single 9V battery and features switchable RF output for increasing range when necessary. The FreeWay systems are ideal for public address, speech and mobile DJ use.

• Pro-92CW Omnidirectional Headworn Microphone The Pro-92CW headworn microphone is an ideal solution for presenters, DJs, performers and musicians who prefer hands-free wireless microphone operation. • Bodypack Transmitter The bodypack transmitter is lightweight and portable. Compatible Audio-Technica lavalier and head-worn microphones are available for use with the transmitter. • Reliable VHF Transmission The ATW-R250 receiver features a VHF dipole antenna system that maximizes range while minimizing interference. • Dual Output Power Switch The bodypack transmitter feature switchable output power for increased range.

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