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Irradiant LEDPRO64 LED Par Can LEDPRO64LG / SRL-6057 Long

Manufacturer: Irradiant
Model Number: LEDPRO64LG
Price: $430.00

120V, PAR64 LED PRO DMX, Auto, Sound Active, Linking 36 1-watt LEDs - R:12, G:12, B:12

Light Source: Red: 12LEDs 25°/ 10° 1W Green: 12LEDs 25°/ 10° 1W Blue: 12LEDs 25°/ 10° 1W Total Output Power: 36 W Control Modes: DMX, Auto, Sound, M/S (Linking) DMX Channels: 5 Channel Functions: Channel 1: Red intensity Channel 2: Green intensity Channel 3: Blue intensity Channel 4: Dimmer Channel 5: Strobe speed Built-in Programs: Single color, multi-colors, rainbow, variable strobe Power Consumption: 45 W Voltage: AC 120-240V 50-60Hz Dimensions: L: Ø310*400mm / S: Ø310*300mm Weight: L: 3.0 kg / S: 2.7 kg Polished Aluminum, Black, and White housings are available. Shipping Not Included!!!

Shipping Cost: $0.00


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