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Sennheiser EW112G2-C Wireless System - ME2 Omni Lavalier, Belt Transmitter, Receiver "C" 740-776MHZ

Manufacturer: Sennheiser
Model Number: EW112G2-C
Price: $548.00

Set Your Program Free with a Sennheiser G2! The Sennheiser Evolution G2 idea: More sound for less. Sennheiser Evolution G2 is about putting cutting-edge professional technologies at the service of professionals. Evolution G2 is a modular system. From individual Sennheiser wireless microphones to large-scale, fully integrated Sennheiser multichannel applications, Evolution G2 delivers the solution you need. Evolution G2 Presenter Series The stage is yours - no matter how big, no matter how small. No matter what, when, or where you're presenting, an Evolution G2 wireless Presenter system gives you pro-standard sound support. You get the same quality as used in TV studios and huge international conference halls - for less. Sennheiser EW 112 G2 The EW 112 G2 from Sennheiser is ideal for theatre and presentation use. The ME 2 clip-on microphone is virtually invisible. The extremely small SK 100 G2 bodypack transmitter as well as the EM 100 G2 rack-mount receiver feature 9 frequency banks with 4 frequency presets each for direct channel selection and are ready for immediate use.

Body pack Transmitter w/ME2 omni lavalier and rack mountable Receiver. Autoscan on all receivers for simple and secure frequency selection 1440 frequencies within a 36MHz switching bandwidth for greater tuning flexibility Robust metal construction for durability Smaller bodypack transmitters and receivers(30% smaller than current EW) Pilot tone squelch(defeatable for backwards compatibility with original EW systems) New battery concept(AA cells and rechargeable battery accessories) Transmitter battery status telemetry on all models Audio signal metering on transmitter LCD display External charging contacts on 300 and 500 series bodypacks XLR jacks on all rack-mountable units(including 100 series)

Shipping Cost: $0.00


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