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Ikey Audio M505 75W 5" Two-Way Active Nearfield Monitor

Manufacturer: iKEY-AUDIO
Model Number: M505
Price: $140.00

The M505 from iKey-Audio is an affordable, high-quality two-way active nearfield studio monitor ideal for use in a home or project studio. The cabinet houses a 5" red woven glass aramid composite woofer and a 1" soft dome tweeter to provide a full, detailed frequency response. The drivers are powered by dual amplifiers that provide a total output of 75W. The cabinet has a slotted port to improve bass response and reduce distortion. The rear panel of the monitor has XLR, TRS, and RCA inputs for excellent compatibility with virtually any sound system or device you may encounter. Volume and HF adjustment knobs let you tweak the sound of the monitor to more properly match your acoustic space. A voltage selector switch is also provided for international use.

• Excellent quality at an affordable price • Full frequency response from the 5" red woven glass aramid composite woofer and 1" soft dome tweeter • Slotted port for improved bass and lower distortion • XLR, TRS, and RCA audio inputs for wide compatibility • Rear-panel volume and HF controls • Magnetically shielded for safe use near video monitors • Switchable voltage for international use

Shipping Cost: $15.00



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