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Samson G Track USB Condenser Microphone

Manufacturer: SAMSON
Model Number: GM1U
Price: $139.99

Bus-powered & compliant / Large diaphragm studio condenser / Stereo input jack for instrument & line level signal with gain / 3-position headphone switch The G-Track is a total solution capable of taking you from your musical inspiration to your finished tracks. It is the world's first USB condenser Microphone with a built-in Audio Interface and mixer, allowing simultaneous Input of vocals and guitar, bass, or Keyboard while also providing monitoring through an on board Headphone output. Record vocals like a standard USB microphone or two Mono instruments through the line/instrument input or a mix of one mono instrument and vocal. Now you can directly record vocals and instruments easily with one device, making the G-Track a must have for any songwriter's home studio. Its ease of use and portability allows you to take it anywhere inspiration may strike you. The G-Track includes a Desktop microphone stand, swivel stand mount, USB cable and all the cables needed to connect any musical instrument with a standard 1/4-inch or RCA output. Cakewalk's Sonar LE is also included while the G-Track works brilliantly with Apple's GarageBand.

Large diaphragm studio condenser microphone Mic and Instrument/Line gain control with clip LED Stereo input jacks for instruments or line level signal Stereo headphone jack for no latency monitoring with level control 3-position headphone switch for stereo, mono, computer monitoring USB bus-powered and compliant Audio I/O and USB cables included Desktop microphone stand included Optional shockmount available

Shipping Cost: $9.99


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