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Sonor Force 1007 Stage 1 5-piece Drumset - Black

Manufacturer: SONOR
Model Number: F1007STAGE1BK
Price: $649.99

Force 1007 The Sonor Force 1007 Set – designed especially for beginners at an uncompromisingly attractive price. Extremely interesting for all up-and-coming rockers, jazz drummers, enthusiasts of metal or of the blues … looking for a drum set that is sturdy, yet versatile. Sonor Force 1007 Sounds The 9-layer basswood shells of the Sonor Force 1007 Sets are characterised by a full-bodied, balanced sound with lots of power up front.

Force 1007: F17 2217 BD Bass Drum 22" x 17.5" F17 1405 SDW Snare Drum 14" x 5.5" F17 1209 TT Tom Tom 12" x 9" F17 1310 TT Tom Tom 13" x 10" F17 1616 FT Floor Tom 16" x 16" DTH 275 Double Tom Holder 4-piece Hardware 200 Set Sonor Force 1007 Shell Design The basswood shells deliver maximum strength, perfect curving, and neutral tuning thanks to tension-free cross-lamination of the individual layers of wood (CLTF Cross Laminated Tension Free Process). The covered finish is very sturdy and long lasting, and the workmanship is impeccable. Tuning Lugs with TuneSafe – Real Eye-Catchers with the Sonor Design! The new Sonor Force tuning lugs with fine-pitch threads are equipped with the TuneSafe tuning safeguard feature, which prevents tension screws from loosening. Short Tom Sizes – Simple Tuning, Short Shell! The new Sonor Force 1007 tom toms with ‘short’ shells generate a controlled pitch and can be positioned lower and easier-to-reach in a ‘beginner’s’ set. Double Tom Holder – The Best Support – Guaranteed! With the tried-and-tested ‘Ball Clamp’ system with individual tom arms, the tom toms can be positioned wherever the drummer wishes. Bass Drum Legs – On Solid Footing, Everywhere You Go! The bass drum legs can be turned to convert them from rubber to metal, and adjusted using a fasten-ing screw. Hardware 200 Set – Reliable and Now Even Better! The new 4-piece 200-Series Hardware Set with one mini boom stand for a professional look. The solid double-braced stands provide optimum reliability. The Sonor 3-section clamp™ offers maximum support for very little effort – whether for jazz or heavy drumming.

Shipping Cost: $39.99


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