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Zoom MRT-3

Manufacturer: ZOOM
Model Number: MRT3
Price: $99.00

The Micro Rhythm Track! Zoom's MRT-3 Micro RhythmTrak is an incredible stand-alone drum machine, and is also the perfect add on to any digital audio recorder that lacks a built in rhythm programming. The unit has a consistent appearance and functions with the new MRS-4 4 track digital recorder. The MRT-3 features 7 velocity sensitive drum pads, 50 preset and 20 user drum kits (user can make an original drum kit), 200 preset and 99 user patterns, 99 song memory (maximum notes/events: 10,000), 21 note polyphony, quantizes to 96 PPQN, and tempos of 40-250 BPM. Connections include a Mono out (Line) 1/4" phone jack, Stereo out (Line and Headphone) 1/4" stereo phone jack, a MIDI Input and a Control foot switch jack. The unit is powered by 4 "AA" batteries or an optional AC adaptor. The MRT-3 links to the new MRS-4 4 track, sending its output to the MRS-4's AUX input and is synchronized through the MIDI clock, acting like a built in drum machine.

Works seamlessly with MRS-4 7 Velocity sensitive Drum pads 50 Preset, 20 User Drum Kits (User can make original drum kit) 200 Preset,99 User Patterns 99 Songs 10,000 Maximum notes/events 21 sounds Polyphony Quantize: 96 PPQN Tempo: 40.0-250.0 BPM Mono out (Line): 1 x 1/4" phone jack Stereo out (Line and Headphone): 1 x 1/4" stereo phone jack MIDI: In Control In: 1 x Foot switch Battery: 4 x AA size

Shipping Cost: $18.00


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