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Nady PM100 Dual 5 Inch Personal Stage Monitor

Manufacturer: NADY AUDIO
Model Number: PM100
Price: $85.00

The Nady PM-100 was designed to reduce stage clutter and volume by putting the sound where you can most use it! The compact, rugged, lightweight PM-100 can be mounted on a mic stand (with built-in mic stand mount), used as an up-close monitor on a keyboard, or as a stage monitor with 4 different angled positions for optimum placement and versatility. Specially designed dual ferro-fluid 5 inch drivers offer 200W peak power handling capacity, superior gain before feedback and up to 125dB maximum SPL. Dimensions (HWD): 11.1 x 7 x 5.3 inches (28 x 18 x 13.5 cm).

Uniquely tuned response projects audio at the desired frequencies to cut through stage noise while ensuring high feedback immunity Volume/Impedance selector and two 1/4-inch IN-OUT jacks for performer adjustability and easy daisy-chaining with up to 15 other PM-100 monitors

Shipping Cost: $5.00


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