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Boss OD-20 Drive Zone Twin Pedal w/COSM

Manufacturer: BOSS
Model Number: OD20
Price: $179.99

With the Boss OD-20 Drive Zone Twin Pedal, COSM modeling gives you the sound of 16 classic overdrive and distortion pedals plus 6 all-new tones, while deep-level controls let you shape your own sounds. Attack Shape and Heavy Octave knobs let you profoundly impact the effect. The OD-20 stompbox has 4 user memories and line out with amp simulator that's also a headphone out. Amp control jack lets the OD-20 double as a footswitch for switching amp channels.

16 classic overdrive models 6 brand new models 4 user memories Attack shape and heavy octave knobs for deep-level control Headphone out/line out with amp simulator Works as a footswitch for changing amp channels

Shipping Cost: $9.99


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