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MBT Spinning Star - White

Manufacturer: MBT
Model Number: ME4710
Price: $150.00

An incredible centerpiece effect, the Spinning Star will fill any dance venue with a scintillating light show!

This large mirror-ball type effect features a bright 300 watt lamp. Over 125 white lenses produce bright white beams spinning around the room at approximately 10RPM. Includes (1) 120v/300w lamp. Please note that this item has a "duty cycle" of 10 minutes, which means that after 10 minutes of use it must be turned off for 10 minutes to cool down. "2 songs on, 2 songs off" is the general rule of thumb. In general, if you plan to use an effect of this type for over 10 minutes, you will need at least 2 special effect lights.

Shipping Cost: $25.00


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