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Boss ME-50 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

Manufacturer: BOSS
Model Number: ME50
Price: $294.99

A fast and easy all-in-one floor effects unit. The Boss ME-50 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal gives you professional sound on an easy-to-use pedal. Control everything with clearly marked knobs! Like having a whole collection of Boss stomp boxes — 10 EQ presets, 22 distortion types, 11 modulation types, 11 delay types, and 6 expression pedal effects. The distortion, mod, and delay sections each feature the same parameter control knobs that you'd find on a Boss pedal and a stomp switch to turn the effect on or off. Includes wah, pitch-shift, ring mod, square wave, rotary, you name it! 2 taps of a button save your patch into 30 editable presets. Power supply (PSA-120/151370) sold separately.

Effects types: tone modify (EQ), compression, noise suppression, reverb, overdrive/distortion, modulation, delay, expression pedal effects Power supply (Boss PSA-120) sold separately Overdrive/distortion types: metal, loud, lead, crunch, natural, MT-2, DS-1, DS-2, BD-2, OD-2, OD-1, scream, DST+, guv, rat, muff, face, modern OD, stack, hi gain, modern DS, square, oct fuzz Modulation types: flanger, phaser, st chorus 2, st chorus 1, chorus, harmonist, tremolo, pan, vibrato, uni-v, rotary Delay types: analog, 400-2000ms, 100-500ms, 25-125ms, 0-30ms, slow echo, pan, space pan, reverse, hold, tap Expression pedal effects: volume, wah, resonance, voice, ring mod, +1 octave, -1 octave 30 editable presets Tuner 1/4" stereo outs 1/4" TRS line/phones out 1/8" TRS aux in 1/4" footswitch in

Shipping Cost: $9.99



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