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Bullet Cables Cross Instrument Cable

Manufacturer: Bullet Cable
Model Number: 12CW
Price: $25.00

Showcase your style and elevate your sound with Bullet Cable's Cross Instrument Cable. Stylistically, it features quality-molded cross-shaped connectors while the flexible jacket also has a pattern of crosses that runs the length of the cable. Like all the Bullet Cable instrument cables, it features 99.99% oxygen-free copper conductors and dual-shielded construction with a single end termination for strikingly fuller tone and drastic noise reduction. It's corrosion-resistant 24K gold-plated tips help preserve signal strength. The cable is custom voiced for basses and guitars. Cable measures 12 feet.

12 feet Quality-molded connectors with corrosion-resistant 24K gold-plated tips shaped like crosses 99% oxygen-free copper conductors Dual-shielded construction Single end termination Flexible jacket has white crosses printed all along it Custom-voiced for basses and guitars

Shipping Cost: $6.00


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