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MBT LED Color Mixing Flat Screen

Manufacturer: mbt lighting & sound
Model Number: LEDFSRGB
Price: $150.00

Colorful and sound-active, this LED effect light can stand on its own two feet or be used in sync with groups of lights! This compact, lightweight moonflower projector features 84 bright LEDs (36 red, 24 green, 24 blue) arranged in a symmetrical pattern. This colorful LED effect light can be used as a stand-alone sound-active disco light, in master-slave mode so a group of the lights can work in sync or with a standard DMX controller for manual operation. Includes 6 DMX control channels, including master dimmer and strobe functions. There are 9 built-in chase programs plus a sound-active mode. 3-pin XLR DMX in and out connections are available for linking and a 10 DIP switch bank for DMX addressing and function selection. Audio sensitivity control and hanging bracket are included. The small size (10" x 7" x 5"), lightweight (5 lbs) and low power consumption (20 watts) make the LED MINI MOON ideal for mobile DJ's, band and nightclubs. MBT Lighting & Sound, a leading source of disco, band, stage, DJ lights and audio gear, introduces the new MBT Lighting LED Flat Screens! With three different models available in July, each is sure to brighten up any floor or stage with energy-efficient and vibrant LED lights.

Each model of the new FLAT SCREEN series of LED lighting fixtures has 192 bright LEDs and can be used with standard DMX controllers or as freestanding lights via built-in programs. All are 15.5" wide, 9.5" high and only 4" thick, making them very useful to nightclubs, DJ and bands because of their compact size. A hanging bracket is attached so they can be mounted on trussing, stands, walls and ceilings. Each includes DMX in and out connections, DIP switches for DMX addressing and an internal audio microphone with sensitivity control for sound-controlled functions. Although sophisticated and bright, each model is very energy efficient, using only 17 watts of power. The LEDFSRGB Color-mixing Flat Screen has 64 red, 64 green, 64 blue LEDs that can combine using a DMX controller to project virtually any color in the rainbow. 6 DMX control channels with 8 chase programs plus audio chase.

Shipping Cost: $15.00


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