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Tme Square QF1000S Super Spot

Manufacturer: Time Square Lighting
Model Number: QF1000S
Price: $1,199.99

A ruggedly constructed medium throw follow spot. Perfect for schools, churches, clubs and theaters. Easy to use as well as transport. For applications requiring the manual control of a light beam to follow a performer combined with varying beam size and color changing, the QF1000 is ideal. With the manual control knobs located at the rear of the fixture, the beam can be adjusted for hard or soft edged focusing as well as from spot to flood. The beam may also be framed off at the top and bottom by using the integral framing shutters. The main feature of the QF1000 is an internal lamp booster that intensifies the light output of the quartz lamp.

• 25-125 foot throw • Lamp booster • Dual Lens System • Iris and Shutter Control • Color boom with six colors and dowser • Internal Dual Quiet Muffin Fans • Framing shutters • On/Off switch • FEL 1000W lamp • Heavy-duty adjustable caster stand

Shipping Cost: $49.99


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