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Instrument Mics


Shure SLX Wireless Diversity Guitar - Bass System
Manufacturer: Shure Model: SLX14J3
Price: $559.00

Shure PGX14/Beta 98H Wireless System for Wind Instruments Channel
Manufacturer: Shure Model: PGX14BETA98H
Price: $499.99

Shure PGX14-L5 The Guitarist PGX UHF System 644-662mhz
Manufacturer: Shure Model: PGX14L5
Price: $379.99

Pg14-h7 Shure PG Instrument System
Manufacturer: Shure Model: PG14H7
Price: $299.99

Electro voice Co5 Cobalt Series Professional Microphones
Manufacturer: EV Model: C05
Price: $43.00

Audix I5 Instrument Microphone
Manufacturer: AUDIX Model: I5
Price: $95.00

Sennheiser E609S, Wired Supercardioid Dynamic Microphone for Guitar Cabinets, Silver
Manufacturer: Sennheiser Model: E609SILVER
Price: $108.00

Sennheiser - threepack604
Manufacturer: Sennheiser Model: THREEPACK602
Price: $324.00

Sennheiser E604 Compact Drum & Bass Microphone
Manufacturer: Sennheiser Model: E604
Price: $135.00

Sennheiser Kickpack II Microphone Pack
Manufacturer: Sennheiser Model: KICKPACK
Price: $198.00

Sennheiser e 602 II Cardioid Instrument Microphone
Manufacturer: Sennheiser Model: E602
Price: $159.00

Electro Voice - Cobalt Super Mic For Acoustic, Electric Guitar or Vocals
Manufacturer: Electro Voice Model: CO4
Price: $44.99

Shure - Drum Mic Kit which has three PG56 Snare/Tom Microphones
Manufacturer: Shure Model: PGDMK6
Price: $369.99

Shure - An essential drum mic package w/4 mics PGDMK4 Drum Mic Kit
Manufacturer: Shure Model: PGDMK4
Price: $240.00

Shure sm57lc wired mic - Instrument Mic
Manufacturer: Shure Model: SM57LC
Price: $99.99

Shure PG81 XLR Condenser Mic w/ XLR Cable
Manufacturer: Shure Model: PG81XLR
Price: $99.99

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