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Karaoke Systems Hardware


VocoPro DVD Duet 80W Semi-Pro Multi-Format Karaoke System
Manufacturer: VocoPro Model: DVDDUET
Price: $299.99

New Vocopro GIG-STAR PROII Karaoke System with Dual Wireless Microphones
Manufacturer: Voco Pro Model: GIGSTAR
Price: $429.99

Numark KMX02 DJ CD Mixer for Karaoke KMX02
Manufacturer: Numark Model: KMX02
Price: $434.99

Manufacturer: VOCOPRO Model: DVDSOUNDMAN
Price: $349.99

VocoPro SOUNDMAN 80W 4 Channel Portable Sound System
Manufacturer: VOCOPRO Model: SOUNDMAN
Price: $299.99

Voco Pro PAMAN PA-Man 4-Channel All-in-One PA System
Manufacturer: VocoPro Model: PA-MAN
Price: $699.99

Vocopro DVG777K DVD/CDG/USB Karaoke Player
Manufacturer: VocoPro Model: DVG3700
Price: $210.00

VocoPro DA-3700 Pro Mixing Amplifier for Karaoke Rigs
Manufacturer: VocoPro Model: DA3700
Price: $200.00

VOCOPRO LTV-5 5" TFT LCD Karaoke Monitor With Built-in Digital Tuner
Manufacturer: VocoPro Model: LTV5
Price: $235.00

VocoPro PV-802 400W Powered Vocal Speaker System
Manufacturer: VocoPro Model: PV802
Price: $290.00

VocoPro KC-300 DSP Key Controller/Sonic Enhancer
Manufacturer: VocoPro Model: KC300
Price: $300.00

CAVS DVD-203G DVD Karaoke Player for sale
Manufacturer: CAVS Model: DVD-203G
Price: $199.99

Behringer - Ultra-Compact Karaoke Machine w/Voice Canceller & FX
Manufacturer: Behringer Model: MIX800
Price: $53.00

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