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Stage Monitors


VTC C4 15" Co-ax Stage Monitor - Side Fill Loudspeaker
Manufacturer: VTC Model: C-4
Price: $1,149.00

Electro Voice TX1152FM TourX Stage Monitor 15 inch, 1000 watts
Manufacturer: EV Model: tx1152fm
Price: $700.00

Samson RESOLV-65 Powered Active Monitors
Manufacturer: SAMSON Model: RES65A
Price: $290.00

RMS Monitor Amp Holder
Manufacturer: RMS Model: RHD5
Price: $20.00

Checkmate SPL Meter
Manufacturer: GALAXY AUDIO Model: GCM100
Price: $125.00

Galaxy The Galactic Monitor Package
Manufacturer: GALAXY AUDIO Model: GALACTIC
Price: $575.00

Galaxy Audio Hot Spot Compact Vocal Monitor
Manufacturer: GALAXY AUDIO Model: HSVC
Price: $140.00

Nady PFW15 2-Way Floor Wedge Monitor
Manufacturer: NADY AUDIO Model: PFW15
Price: $135.00

Nady PFW12 12-Inch 2-Way Wedge Monitor Speaker
Manufacturer: NADY AUDIO Model: PFW12
Price: $120.00

Nady PM100 Dual 5 Inch Personal Stage Monitor
Manufacturer: NADY AUDIO Model: PM100
Price: $85.00

Nady Audio PM200A Powered Personal Stage Monitor
Manufacturer: NADY AUDIO Model: PM200A
Price: $210.00

Powered Floor Wedge Monitor
Manufacturer: NADY AUDIO Model: FWA12
Price: $230.00

Community MVP-12M Two Way Stage Monitor
Manufacturer: Community Model: MVP12M
Price: $210.00

Community MVP15M Two-Way Monitor Loudspeaker With 90° X 40° HF Horn
Manufacturer: Community Model: MVP15M
Price: $250.00

RMS RMSPMA6 50 Watt Powered Personal Monitor
Manufacturer: RMS Model: RMSPMA6
Price: $110.00

RMS 15" Monitor w/Horn Eminence
Manufacturer: RMS Model: RMS915HM
Price: $250.00

RMS Floor Monitors - Set of two 100-watt floor monitors
Manufacturer: RMS Model: RMS910MPR
Price: $260.00

Electro Voice - 2-Way twin 4" woofer & 1" horn 200W Black (PAIR)
Manufacturer: Electro Voice Model: EVID4.2
Price: $260.00

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