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Vocal Mics


SHURE PG48-QTR Microphone Cable
Manufacturer: Shure Model: PG-48QTR
Price: $44.99

Electrovoice C09 Cobalt Series Professional Microphones
Manufacturer: EV Model: C09
Price: $60.00

Shure PG48 Vocal Microphone
Manufacturer: SHURE Model: PG48-LC
Price: $31.99

Sennheiser ePACK835 Handheld Cardioid Dynamic Microphone Package
Manufacturer: Sennheiser Model: EPACK835
Price: $115.00

Sennheiser e845
Manufacturer: Sennheiser Model: E845
Price: $139.00

Sennheiser THREEPACK835 Three Stage Microphones with mic Clips & Pouches
Manufacturer: Sennheiser Model: THREEPACK835
Price: $229.00

Sennheiser E835-S Lead Vocal Stage Microphone
Manufacturer: Sennheiser Model: E835
Price: $99.00

Electro Voice - Super Vocalist Mic w/Slight Bass
Manufacturer: Electro Voice Model: CO9
Price: $49.99

Shure SM58LC Microphone
Manufacturer: Shure Model: SM58LC
Price: $99.99

Shure - Microphone w/Cable Included (XLR - XLR)
Manufacturer: Shure Model: PG58XLR
Price: Contact Seller For Price

Shure - Cardioid Polar Pattern Microphone for Vocal Applications
Manufacturer: Shure Model: PG48XLR
Price: Contact Seller For Price

Shure BETA58A BETA 58A Supercardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone
Manufacturer: Shure Model: BETA58A
Price: $149.99

Behringer XM1800S - Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Microphones 3-Pack
Manufacturer: Behringer Model: XM1800S
Price: $45.00

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